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Our Superior Drywall Team Will Exceed Your Expectations

It happens most every time.

Once your crew sees our finished product, they are simply amazed. Then, the second the homeowner first sees how we turned a house into the home of their dreams, they’re practically speechless.
Whether it’s a multimillion-dollar home, a whole luxury development or a state-of-the-art commercial building, the drywall work we do is designed to impress. Sure, our experienced team will make your walk-in closets, master bedroom and kitchens shine. But it’s the specialty architecture, applications, finishes and textures that put us in a class by ourselves.
Bring us your most complex and demanding drywall projects. That’s what sets us apart. Throughout this page are a handful of our many advanced applications. Every detail, every square inch is perfected. Some of our advanced techniques include:

Compound Curves, Joint Intersections and Custom Designs

At Elite Drywall, we welcome your most unique and difficult designs.That’s where we excel. Whether your drywall needs involve multiple compound curves, advanced joint intersections or custom designs that are unique to your build, let us prove our advanced skillset.


Our archways are seamless. Like they were designed with your home in mind. There’s no question the arches we create will be perfectly symmetrical, perfectly rounded and perfectly smooth.


Our column work is second-to-none. Forget about the standard columns you find in too many homes. The columns we introduce to a home make a statement. Modern, rustic, and even resembling old world architecture.

Groin Vaults

Also called a Groined Vault, Barrel Vault, or Cross Vault, this advanced technique scares most drywall teams away. Not us! At Elite Drywall, we thrive in crafting the most luxurious and inspiring groin vault applications.

Wall Niches

Recessed drywall niches bring character and charm to any home. Our wall niches will be seamless and unique whether they’re square or curved. Just perfect for a beautiful floral arrangement.

Domed Ceilings

There’s nothing more dramatic and jaw-dropping that this! A majestic domed ceiling in the middle of your entryway, hallway, great room or master bedroom. The homeowner will always look up and say, “Wow!” Once you see the attention to detail, you just may do the same.

Naturally, the Elite Drywall team handles every conventional type of finish and texture. We take pride in making sure it’s seamless and uniform throughout every plane. In addition, we also provide upgrade finishes that create a custom and elegant result.

Conventional Drywall Finishes and Textures

Typical drywall textures include “Orange Peel”, “Montgomery Drag”, “Splatter” and more. Perhaps one of those finishes will be perfect for your homes. Take a look at what makes each finish and texture unique.

Upgrade Finishes

In addition to conventional finishes, we also excel in upgraded finishes such as “Hand Trowel” and “Skip Trowel” textures. These elegant finishes are designed for high-end homes and resemble a Mediterranean flair.

“Venetian” Plaster

While this advanced, hand-applied technique takes time, the finished results are simply extraordinary. Venetian Plaster incorporates the finish color throughout the material. To enhance the look and make the home more unique, we can finish the surface with a variety of texture — from a coarse sand to a burnished slick finish.

American Clay

Reminiscent of classic wall finishes throughout history, this hand-applied Earth plaster produces truly impressive results. This material yields a wide range of textures and colors that are non-dusting, non-toxic and hypoallergenic.

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