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About Us

Providing artisan level craftsmanship since 1993

Top Quality Products

Exceptional Techniques

Expert-Level Training

All Because of Our Extraordinary People

We started a mission about 23 years ago: To redefine what drywall could be. To take it so much further than a straight wall plane behind a coat of paint.

We knew drywall could make a statement. By turning a cookie cutter house into something magnificent and unique. By introducing the world to majestic domed ceilings, soaring arches and columns that resemble ancient Greek structures. By revealing breathtaking finishes that are hand-applied and worth every minute.


Today, we are proud to be serving Austin and Central Texas with:


The Absolute Highest Quality Materials


Unmatched Supervision and Communication


An Application Skillset That's Second To None


And after every million-dollar home, every commercial build, every one-of-a-kind project, they all learn the Elite Drywall name.

With every job we do — whether big or small — our reputation is on the line. That’s why every member on our team focuses 100% on these 5 tenets of success:




Exceptional Quality


Isaac Hall

Isaac Hall


Raybel Tellez

Raybel Tellez

Field Manager